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Tips For Hiring An Autobus

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Planning a trip for a large gathering will almost invariably require a charter bus or the like as a transportation method, which means you should find a good company to hire a bus from early on in your plans. Below are some tips to help you with the search:

  • Check the vehicles available – when looking for bus rental in Singapore, you should first understand that – unlike cars and vans, which have a set number of seats – the buses in question can be of various sizes. Generally, you can find small buses with 10 seats, medium-sized buses with around 30 to 35 seats and the large buses that can seat up to 45 to 50 individuals. Since the size can thus differ, your first priority should be to find a rental service that has the bus size you need – neither too small (you do not want people to be standing for the entire duration of the trip, after all!) and neither too big (you do not want to pay in excess of rental fees, fuel, etc.!). If you are yet unsure of the number of members of your party, you can opt for a rental service that has different sizes, and will also allow you to make a switch when necessary.
  • The prices – one of the things you want to discuss first and upfront is the bus rental price. You do not want to find yourself overcharged at the very last moment, which is why you should settle the price talks before you decide on any one vehicle. Since you will also be having a driver with you (most rental services will not be likely to rent you the vehicle without a driver, even if there is someone with a heavy vehicles’ license), remember that his or her fees will be included as well.
  • Background checks – once you have inquired into the vehicles and the prices, you should readily delve into the background of the company, as well as the driver who will be accompanying you. Ask the company for their credentials and certificates – most countries have online transportation-related boards where you can verify their credentials. The vehicles and the driver should be fully insured in the event of an accident, and the driver should have a good driving record, with possibly no fines on his or her license. Do not forget to ask about the company policies as well – what kind of rules does the company maintain? Are they strict about driving under influence, proper attire, professionalism, etc.? The best companies will make sure to please their customers as much as possible.

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