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Summer Break Part Time Job Ideas

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After celebrating and eating your way through most of the cold season, it will be with almost a heavy heart that you welcome the warmer months. But if you are someone who is not a fan of snow or the cold, then we are sure your real celebration starts now. But celebrations require a little money; and here are a few part time job options for you to consider to make said money…!

 Keep your brain sharp – tutor someone

 It might be your summer break, but that doesn’t mean you need to let your mind idle. There’s a possibility that if you let yourself detach from studies entirely, you might find it harder to get back to the routine of studying. The best option for you here, is to either study regularly during your holidays, or tutor someone. The second one, obviously, will bring you your pocket money. You can obviously tutor someone much younger, making it easier for you to tutor, or opt to teach someone from your own age group; making it less formal, and much easer for you to keep in touch with your own studies. 

 Bring out your inner nurturer – babysitting

 Are you someone who likes spending time with children? Do you consider yourself someone who has a lot of patience? A teacher’s assistant or a tutor are obvious options (like we mentioned above) …but for some positions, you might need qualifications. Instead, consider taking on the job of a home care for elderly or babysitter. You can choose your charge’s age; inevitably choosing the “difficulty level” of your job as well. Remember that with very your kids, you might need a little prior experience to make sure you don’t have any accidents.

 Goof around with animals all day – pet sitting

 Infant nannies or a confinement nanny Singapore can be more than you could handle; and if anything in between isn’t exactly “your cup of tea”, then perhaps you are not meant for this job. How about animals instead of children? Do you have the energy to take a walk (or jog) with an energetic pet; and the confidence you’ll bring them back home safely? Do you think you can handle grooming and feeding them? if so, then perhaps the job of a pet sitter will be your ideal summer part time job.

 Soak in the sun – pool cleaning and gardening

 If you are someone who is confined within a building most of your year (either at home or at school), then it goes without saying that you’ll want to spend your summer holidays out in the open. If you want to make a little money while you’re soaking in the sun, then both gardening and pool cleaning are popular options to consider. If you can swim well enough, then even a pool lifeguard’s job is an option you can consider…

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