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How To Avoid Culture Shock While Travelling

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As much as travelling or relocating abroad is coupled with the great adventure that is before you, there are a number of things that could also be considered a hindrance when it comes to making the most of your trip.

And individual preparing to go on a long term project overseas like one who is moving from Dubai to London, one who has got bitten by the travel bug and a student who has moved overseas to further his or her education will all have one thing in common. On some degree or another, they will all initially suffer from culture shock. How badly they are affected by it will depend on how far they have ventured from home.

What exactly is a culture shock you may ask!

The Merriam – Webster Dictionary defines culture shock as a sense of uncertainty and confusion occasionally with moods of anxiety that could distress individuals exposed to an unfamiliar culture or setting without satisfactory preparation.

This simply means that any individual who is not familiar with the beliefs, customs and behaviour of the people that reside in the place he or she is visiting can soon feel some degree of unease during the initial time of their stay.

In the midst of selecting the Dubai mover that will handle the shipping of your items to your new location to packing and getting ready for this new journey, one may forget to invest a little time into learning about the country that you are going to.

Knowing the beliefs, customs and traditions of the people of your host country will mentally prepare you to enjoy this experience. Going to a new place not knowing what to expect will leave you quite lost once you get there. Read up on local cuisine, places to eat and places of attraction near the area where you will be staying. This way you will not be clueless once you reach your new destination

Find a healthy distraction:Should culture shock set in, it is only a matter of time before you become home sick. The best way to fight off the feeling would be to find a healthy distraction which will steer you away from that place in your head which is telling you that you don’t belong here.

And finally, the easiest way to fight off culture shock is to make new friends. The locals will be more than willing to tell you a thing or two and explain why they do what they do. You will soon begin to experience the country through the eyes of your host.

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