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Extreme Hair Care Advice

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How many times have you watched a commercial or advertisement with girls having lustrous and thick long hair and kept thinking how amazing it would be to have the same? I’m sure at one point in time; we all have thought the same. This is fairly normal to any girl unless you have really great hair and you tend to worry on something else. We all have different types of hair, some have naturally curly, frizzy, straight, wavy and all the types in combination where it could be straight at the roots and curls at the bottom plus also we have different texture to it too. Some have brown while some are black, blond, greyish black undertones with matt or shiny effects.

Whatever the case is, one thing you need to know is every part of your body requires good nutrients to help them grow out well. The food we take in today are not the best when it comes to nutrition as they all are grown by using a lot of chemicals and once we cook them, most of the other vitamins also leaves out in this boiling process. Then we are mostly left with just one third of the nutrients in the actual vegetable. If you are not in a position to eat organic food every day, you might have to use some different additional vitamin pills that can help your hair growth like fish oil and biotin. Sometimes it’s about using good products like Tsubaki Singapore or anything that you can easily reach. Here are few extreme hair care advice to get a great healthy hair.

Use same product brands

Make sure to use the same brand when it comes to your hair care products; shampoo and conditioner both from the same brand would be better. If you are using Tsubaki shampoo then get along with the same conditioner as well. Do not mix them up as they work better when products in the same category is used complimentary to each other.

Use less heat

Heat can damage your hair so much just like how sun light could burn up your skin. We know that if you are not naturally born with straight, less frizzy hair it could be difficult to set it up the way you wish. Then you will have to sue a bit of heat to dry up, straighten or curl your hair the way you prefer but it’s best to not use heat all the time. Try to play around with your hair and use the minimum heat as possible to protect and ensure growth of it.

These two tips could literally make a huge difference in your hair and alongside, use natural oils at least once a week to improve the richness in the roots and you’ll notice a good change in less than a month.

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