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Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Annulment

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The procedures for an annulment of marriage must be read and understood thoroughly before you go ahead with it. Dissolution does not recognize the beginning or end of a marriage. This article outlines the advantages and disadvantages of an annulment and does not provide any legal advise.


  • Unlike a divorce procedure, there is no minimum residency necessity. A six-month residency is essential in a separation before going through the application.
  • You do not have a waiting period for a termination of marriage. The cancellation will be completed as soon as the paperwork is complete. However, in a separation procedure after filing the legal applications and documents the couple has to wait for six months for the final verdict.
  • If a marriage annulment in Singapore is confirmed as fraud, any transactions that took place between the two partners during the marriage are invalid.
  • In the situation that one of the partner believed that the marriage was valid, by default the lawyer fees and support fee will be offered to that partner regardless that the marriage was not valid.
  • The dissolution of the nuptial will release you from the prenuptial agreement. These agreements are applicable only for divorces.
  • This process allows both parties to get married quickly as the dissolution is quicker than a divorce.
  • Pension, social security, insurance benefits will be reinstated upon the finalisation of the dissolution from prior marriage(s) or as to how it was before the marriage.


  • Instituting the grounds of an annulment is more difficult than actually filing for a divorce.
  • A separation does not have to deal with issues and faults and there is no blaming game. However, issues and faults are beneficial when it comes to a termination such as through the use of force, fraud, incompetence, bigamy and underage marriage. However, the proof needed might be difficult to find and bring forth to the court.
  • If both parties claim that the marriage was authentic then the belongings will be classified as “quasi-marital property”. The property will have the same possessions as community assets.
  • Both individuals must be presented at court to finalise the termination. During a divorce procedure, the decision will be given without either party appearing at court.
  • The female party is not eligible for dower rights form the male party’s assets regardless.
  • The retirement and disability benefits are not applicable to the spouses.

Before you go forward with a dissolution of nuptial, ensure that either party reads and understands the pros and cons. Based on your situation you might prefer to go for a divorce or just go forward with the annulment.

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