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Tips For Hiring An Autobus

Planning a trip for a large gathering will almost invariably require a charter bus or the like as a transportation method, which means you should find a good company to hire a bus from early on in your plans. Below are some tips to help you with the search:

  • Check the vehicles available – when looking for bus rental in Singapore, you should first understand that – unlike cars and vans, which have a set number of seats – the buses in question can be of various sizes. Generally, you can find small buses with 10 seats, medium-sized buses with around 30 to 35 seats and the large buses that can seat up to 45 to 50 individuals. Since the size can thus differ, your first priority should be to find a rental service that has the bus size you need – neither too small (you do not want people to be standing for the entire duration of the trip, after all!) and neither too big (you do not want to pay in excess of rental fees, fuel, etc.!). If you are yet unsure of the number of members of your party, you can opt for a rental service that has different sizes, and will also allow you to make a switch when necessary.
  • The prices – one of the things you want to discuss first and upfront is the bus rental price. You do not want to find yourself overcharged at the very last moment, which is why you should settle the price talks before you decide on any one vehicle. Since you will also be having a driver with you (most rental services will not be likely to rent you the vehicle without a driver, even if there is someone with a heavy vehicles’ license), remember that his or her fees will be included as well.
  • Background checks – once you have inquired into the vehicles and the prices, you should readily delve into the background of the company, as well as the driver who will be accompanying you. Ask the company for their credentials and certificates – most countries have online transportation-related boards where you can verify their credentials. The vehicles and the driver should be fully insured in the event of an accident, and the driver should have a good driving record, with possibly no fines on his or her license. Do not forget to ask about the company policies as well – what kind of rules does the company maintain? Are they strict about driving under influence, proper attire, professionalism, etc.? The best companies will make sure to please their customers as much as possible.

The Pitfalls That You Can Come Cross

Being an event planner is not walk in the park like most people think it is. Because the majority of the people out there feel like if you are in the industry of organizing events then you have the one of the most laid back jobs ever. They feel like you don’t have to put in as much as some other professions out there. But if you ask someone who work in the organization industry they will give you a good explanation of how tough it is. Of all the hard work they put in. they would tell you of all the sleepless nights they have spent thinking about and planning out upcoming events, because at the end of the day all they want is the client to be happy when they walk in through the doors to the event.

So what can be so difficult about this job? What are the things that a corporate event planner is constantly trying to avoid?  Well, let’s find out. First things first, you should never make the mistake of misunderstanding what your client’s requirements are. Because this will the first step to disaster. Because if you don’t have a clear idea of what your client wants then how are you going to deliver it to them in  a flawless manner. If this does happen then the whole event is going to be definitely flawed. And this is something that you want to avoid at all costs.

The nest thing that people are going to be bothered is the food at an event. There are a certain group of people out there who come for an event juts because of the fact that they know they are going to be given free food. And as a wedding planner in Singapore it becomes out duty to make sure that everyone in attendance does end up enjoying the meals they are served. And in order to ensure this you have to have a caterer you can rely on to serve the guests a plate of food that they are never going to forget. So when you start off also you have to get going with a long term plan in mind and then build it up as you go along.

So when you have to cater to large crowds you know that the caterers have to take over. So in order to do this you have to have a trusted caterer who you can depend on completely. Because at time like this you don’t want to take the risk of trying someone new and that person letting you down at the last moment. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Annulment

The procedures for an annulment of marriage must be read and understood thoroughly before you go ahead with it. Dissolution does not recognize the beginning or end of a marriage. This article outlines the advantages and disadvantages of an annulment and does not provide any legal advise.


  • Unlike a divorce procedure, there is no minimum residency necessity. A six-month residency is essential in a separation before going through the application.
  • You do not have a waiting period for a termination of marriage. The cancellation will be completed as soon as the paperwork is complete. However, in a separation procedure after filing the legal applications and documents the couple has to wait for six months for the final verdict.
  • If a marriage annulment in Singapore is confirmed as fraud, any transactions that took place between the two partners during the marriage are invalid.
  • In the situation that one of the partner believed that the marriage was valid, by default the lawyer fees and support fee will be offered to that partner regardless that the marriage was not valid.
  • The dissolution of the nuptial will release you from the prenuptial agreement. These agreements are applicable only for divorces.
  • This process allows both parties to get married quickly as the dissolution is quicker than a divorce.
  • Pension, social security, insurance benefits will be reinstated upon the finalisation of the dissolution from prior marriage(s) or as to how it was before the marriage.


  • Instituting the grounds of an annulment is more difficult than actually filing for a divorce.
  • A separation does not have to deal with issues and faults and there is no blaming game. However, issues and faults are beneficial when it comes to a termination such as through the use of force, fraud, incompetence, bigamy and underage marriage. However, the proof needed might be difficult to find and bring forth to the court.
  • If both parties claim that the marriage was authentic then the belongings will be classified as “quasi-marital property”. The property will have the same possessions as community assets.
  • Both individuals must be presented at court to finalise the termination. During a divorce procedure, the decision will be given without either party appearing at court.
  • The female party is not eligible for dower rights form the male party’s assets regardless.
  • The retirement and disability benefits are not applicable to the spouses.

Before you go forward with a dissolution of nuptial, ensure that either party reads and understands the pros and cons. Based on your situation you might prefer to go for a divorce or just go forward with the annulment.

Summer Break Part Time Job Ideas

After celebrating and eating your way through most of the cold season, it will be with almost a heavy heart that you welcome the warmer months. But if you are someone who is not a fan of snow or the cold, then we are sure your real celebration starts now. But celebrations require a little money; and here are a few part time job options for you to consider to make said money…!

 Keep your brain sharp – tutor someone

 It might be your summer break, but that doesn’t mean you need to let your mind idle. There’s a possibility that if you let yourself detach from studies entirely, you might find it harder to get back to the routine of studying. The best option for you here, is to either study regularly during your holidays, or tutor someone. The second one, obviously, will bring you your pocket money. You can obviously tutor someone much younger, making it easier for you to tutor, or opt to teach someone from your own age group; making it less formal, and much easer for you to keep in touch with your own studies. 

 Bring out your inner nurturer – babysitting

 Are you someone who likes spending time with children? Do you consider yourself someone who has a lot of patience? A teacher’s assistant or a tutor are obvious options (like we mentioned above) …but for some positions, you might need qualifications. Instead, consider taking on the job of a home care for elderly or babysitter. You can choose your charge’s age; inevitably choosing the “difficulty level” of your job as well. Remember that with very your kids, you might need a little prior experience to make sure you don’t have any accidents.

 Goof around with animals all day – pet sitting

 Infant nannies or a confinement nanny Singapore can be more than you could handle; and if anything in between isn’t exactly “your cup of tea”, then perhaps you are not meant for this job. How about animals instead of children? Do you have the energy to take a walk (or jog) with an energetic pet; and the confidence you’ll bring them back home safely? Do you think you can handle grooming and feeding them? if so, then perhaps the job of a pet sitter will be your ideal summer part time job.

 Soak in the sun – pool cleaning and gardening

 If you are someone who is confined within a building most of your year (either at home or at school), then it goes without saying that you’ll want to spend your summer holidays out in the open. If you want to make a little money while you’re soaking in the sun, then both gardening and pool cleaning are popular options to consider. If you can swim well enough, then even a pool lifeguard’s job is an option you can consider…

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