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Monthly Archive: November 2017

Tips On De-stressing; The Fancy Way…

Having a particularly stressful week at work? want to know how to relax and de-stress, the fancy way? Here’s how… 

Taking a destination free drive  

Have you noticed that after a particularly busy week at work, it feels great to drive around a bit? Maybe it’s something to do with the speed, or the wind hitting your face and playing with your hair, or perhaps it has something to do with that feeling escaping; regardless to the reason, it’s undeniable that a long drive is beneficial for the relaxation of your mind. Pick a Honda for rent Singapore, and take a day off your weekend, or try this out on your day off. Drive with no destination. You need not even leave your city; choosing instead to explore your home town better. You’d be surprised at how much you’ve met while you’ve been busy at work.   

A relaxing pamper session…with all the frills  

Despite how tempting it might sound to rent a car Singapore and drive around, sometimes, you just don’t have the strength for it. If you want to de-stress, relax your body and rejuvenate your mind all in the same activity, consider a long and relaxing bath. Pull out all the stops. Take the time to go out and shop for a little luxurious bath items like bath bombs, oils, and candles to set the relaxed mood. Additionally, don’t forget to buy a fluffy and luxurious towel, as well as body lotions to complete this pamper session. To top off the experience, consider having a cup of your favorite hot beverage, to further de-stress yourself. 

Swim out your stress  

Bing cooped up in office all day is one of the main reasons for your stress and frustration. Not being able to get a little exercise or bask in the few minutes in the sun makes your body and mind rebel; causing you to feel caged in and stressed. So try and get a little exercise regularly. Bicycling to work is a great idea. But if you are looking for a one-time stress buster, rather than a regular exercise option, we suggest you try swimming. Along with relieving your stress, swimming will also help you reduce weight…  

Dancing the night away 

Do you want a stress relieving option that you can have fun with? Perhaps you want to involve a loved one in your stress relieving journey as well…? in either case, dancing is a great option. If you want it to be a one-time event, a date at a nightclub that involves a lot of dancing will do the trick. But if you want to make it a regular event, consider joining a dance class. Alternatively, you could also do your dancing in the privacy of your home, where you need not care how you look. All you need is the right songs and the right speaker system…

How To Store Goods In A Warehouse

The supply chain of one single product includes many activities to be taken place before they reach the final destination. These activities are usually delegated among inbound, outbound and original equipment manufacturing stages of the supply chain. Warehousing is one activity that is used both in inbound and outbound logistics. The primary reason for this being that at the inbound level, raw materials will be stored at the warehouse while at the outbound level finished goods will be stored. Therefore, warehouses play an important role in this process. In order to store these materials and goods responsibly and safely, the following factors may be proven to be useful


This step of the whole warehousing process is one of the most important ones that you need to focus on. Even before implementing any strategies, you need to create an accurate design that will ensure the flow of goods within the warehouse will take place in a safe manner. Also, you will need to take count and check in the materials once they enter; in order to make sure that all these steps can be fulfilled, the design of the warehouse needs to enable them to flow through each of these stages.


Allocation is focused on ensuring that goods are stored within the warehouse using a modern method like vacuum gripping system or even a traditional method. However, in order to store them, you need to first allocate locations within the warehouse, where the movement of good will be proven most productive. For instance, they have to be placed in a way that it is simple to be taken out when required.


Movement of goods is also another important step that takes place in the warehouse. In fact, you can even perform this using a vacuum switch in Malaysia in a customized manner, whichever ay is proven convenient and productive to you. You could also implement techniques like single game strategy, double game strategy, routing strategy, aisle strategy, relocation strategy etc. in order to move goods from one location to another.

Alternative methods

Not all systems will take place smoothly. There is always the risk of uncertainty where something bad might take place in the warehouse. Therefore, it is always better to be prepared to face whatever comes your way. In order to do so, you can implement alternative strategies within the warehouse which will be used in such cases.

If you can build a warehouse by following the above rules, storing goods will become simpler and efficient.

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