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Monthly Archive: October 2017

Ways To Be Positive In Life

Positive thinking is not just a theme in a seminar; it’s a way of life for many people. Some confuse naiveté and positivity. Naiveté is being positive because you are unaware of the reality of life; positivity is having a positive outlook on life in spite of knowing the reality. Being positive in general can help carry you through many difficulties and help you see hope in a bleak situation. Here are some ways you can cultivate and reinforce positive thinking even when everything around you seems dull.

Physical Comfort

It goes without saying, but it is easier to be positive when you feel good. As we live our busy lives and deal with stress headaches and backaches caused by sitting at a desk for too long, it can be difficult to see the bright side of life. The solution can be at your nearest physio clinic Singapore. Make an appointment every month or even more often so that you get a good massage in during the middle of a busy week. This will help you relax, boost production of oxytocin and make you feel happier in every way. It will also make you feel very positive about the future.

Daily Reminder

As stupid as it sounds, taping a daily reminder to your mirror, or programming a daily reminder on your phone to be positive today can be as inspiring and as positive as a physiotherapy session. We have to actively remind ourselves to be positive and seeing the words on the mirror can be a powerful motivation to actually think that way. Then, throughout the day try stopping yourself from having negative thoughts. Every time your brain starts to go down that familiar path, stop and take a break: go to the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself to be positive. If you have had a rough day, go home and stare at the reminder on your mirror and force yourself to be positive.

Smile with Your Heart

Everyone knows that unless it’s a true smile, it won’t reach the eyes. Sometimes however, we do need to smile even when we don’t feel it because the action will force the brain to switch from negative to positive. Research has shown that the feelings follow the action not the other way around as we’ve been thinking all this time. So if you can force a smile onto your face during a glum moment, chances are that you will feel better and more positive.

The next time you’re having trouble looking on the bright side of life, try smiling, adjusting your physical position to be more comfortable or reminding yourself to be positive.

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